Changing Course

We embarked on Be Change years back at the behest of our partners. There was an identified need for a platform that helped young people to create mental health resources in their communities.

Over the years, the idea morphed into a crowdfunding platform with the idea of additional mentoring support. As we spent dozens of hours upon hours developing this model, a few truths emerged. The crowdfunding market was crowded and the model we were pursuing would not be sustainable. And so we came to the difficult decision to end our crowdfunding pursuit.

We are thankful for the sea of Be Change support we have received in the last few years. We are ever-so-grateful for the wisdom and countless hours so many of you have lent to the project, and if you have thoughts on the path we should take, please send us an email at

Yes, there is still a need to find avenues to support young people as changemakers in their communities. We know that the health of our young people is tied to the overall wellness of the communities that they live and work in. We will continue working to find ways to help youth be more impactful in their communities. Again, please reach out via email if you want to shape this.

Thank you for supporting this dream! We look forward to your continued support in all other spheres of our existence.

With gratitude,
The mindyourmind Team