Thinking Outside the Box

  • Posted on: 18 October 2016
  • By: Andrea

As Be Change content development started underway, I wondered how I was going to contribute. I’m the Instructional Designer at mindyourmind (a fancy title for “teacher type”) and I usually spend my day making cat memes working on projects that have to do with school-based settings and education. 

I am by no means an “expert” on crowdfunding platforms. What could I write for one? Fortunately, like all the other projects work on at mindyourmind, young people showed me the way. We’ve worked with young people throughout this project. Listening to them and following along with their meeting notes has been invaluable. I feel like I get it now. Maybe I don’t, but I FEEL like it at least. 

Now that I understand crowdfunding and how it will help young people, I had to wrap my head around the Incubator aspect of Be Change. Our role at mindyourmind is to support young people as they navigate the ins and outs of really diving deep into project planning and implementation. We’re here to help develop and make connections. We are here to incubate ideas.

What you are expert at is your approach and your acceptance that learning and delivering projects is a collaborative and co-creative process where each partner brings in expertise and helps to grow and shape each other.

When it comes to project development and partnership, we are innovators. For me, it feels like with every project we are navigating new waters. mindyourmind does have over 10 years of partnerships and projects, many of which we were figuring out as we went along. We have had success and failure both. The learning curve has been, and continues to be, HUGE. 

So, I found my role! I will help share the knowledge of what has worked and not worked for us. If it’s going to help a cool, youth-led project get off the ground and run a little smoother, I’m in!

For the past few weeks I’ve enjoyed looking at the items and questions our youth team has identified as being gaps or areas of interest, and have put together some tip sheets. These will ultimately reside on the Be Change platform for anyone to access, regardless of the type of project they are doing or how far along in the process they are. 

Our hope is that these tip sheets can, at the very least, get someone who has a fantastic idea to consider areas they might not have thought of; help them look at the project from a different angle; or just answer burning questions like:  “How should I word this introductory email without sounding weird? Is ordering customized underwear with my product’s name on it even worth it? How can I make sure people don’t steal my cool idea? Project Charter… what even?” and many more.

As I developed some of this content, it felt good to finally “get it”. Now that I’ve had a glimpse of the possibilities Be Change can provide, I’m waiting with baited breath to see if my little tip sheets are helpful as we get ready to send them out into the universe.