What We Do

Website Development

We build aesthetic websites.

  • Accessible to EVERYONE,
  • Including seniors (10% of the population)
  • And people with cognitive disabilities (11% of the population)
  • In line with WCAG.

Instructional Material Design

We make your instructional material

  • Engaging and usable
  • For everyone, including students having difficulties with:
  • Memory
  • Problem-solving
  • Attention
  • Reading, linguistic, and verbal comprehension
  • Math comprehension
  • Visual comprehension

Some of Our Projects


Thinking of a solution, idea, consultation?

As David Bowie would say: “Turn and face the strange changes.”

Let’s exchange strange and weird ideas and come up with a unique and practical solution.


Have a question, project, or just want to know us?
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We are here:

1 University Ave, Toronto, ON
+1 (514) 570-6540

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