We have designed a behavioral model to determine the readiness of a company for in-house carpooling service, based on a carpooling solution created by Rekab.

In order to enhance adoption rates for this high-impact transportation alternative, BeChange has launched evaluative and analytical solutions, within the context of employee carpooling programs, in collaboration with Rekab. Employee carpooling programs are particularly effective touch points to impact user behaviour, where users are more likely to be receptive to behavioural nudges and targeted messaging. Additionally, we approach the issue with an appreciation of the importance of context. As such, we believe that any solution towards enhancing carpooling adoption rates will need to understand the dynamics of the network of users, their readiness for the service and the readiness of the company. These parameters will then inform how to implement measures to improve adoption. As such, BeChange presents an integrated approach to deliver customized solutions to influence behavioural change for companies looking to grow their carpooling programs.

The BeChange approach can be broadly broken down into 3-stages. The process is rooted in data-driven behavioural models in the field, combined with context specific measures for each business environment and network.