our process

Every real-world problem has a common sense of sustainable solutions. However, these solutions often do not gain enough critical mass of adopters, and therefore become unsustainable at scale. As a result, the solutions themselves often appear to be ineffective as a whole. But in reality, the issue is often not with the solution itself, but with the inertia to adopt by the target demographic.

Our process begins by asking the question, what are the behavioral factors that prevent a person from adopting a sustainable common-sense solution to a societal problem? We operate in the domain of user behavior, conducting behavioral analysis and diagnoses, to provide targeted behavioral interventions customized for every problem and every user group. Our process incorporates the truth that context matters, and that a one-size-fits-all solution does not always exist. We use an iterative method, applying the most relevant knowledge from behavioral sciences, combined with real-time behavioral data. We identify the most accurate characterization within a given context, and design context-specific interventions to influence user behavior, to influence solution oriented behavior changes within the target user group.

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